Ingredients In My Life's Recipe

there's so much that i like about myself and yet so many things that i want, or perhaps need, to change. am i where i want to be in life? not even close. but this is me, i'm a man, but still wanting so badly to be a kid again. i work hard and live lazy. i'd like to say that i'm funny on a regular basis, the guy that's always trying to lighten the mood. i'm somewhat of a poet at heart, but lately i struggle to find the right words to say. i'd like to start using my ears more than my mouth but i can't figure out how to turn one off and the other on. i want to do so much before i leave this place, but doing nothing is at the top and bottom of my list. i go out when i can, i even go nowhere sometimes just to get away from myself. i love the rain, i love the snow, i love the sun, i love people, i love life. and love? love is everything, it really can move mountains. death might be inevitable, but life is so worth it. i use this place to express the love and inspiration that has, especially recently, helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life, and as a reminder that things can only can get better. thanks for reading.


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