3 Cups Of Food Writing

my first blog ever was originally titled "atlantic city style", i began it while living just outside of atlantic city, in the 51st state of southern new jersey. having grown up in northern nj and then spending four years in providence, you tend to get used to certain things. things that tend to be foreign to some people, especially in south jersey.

one day i had a revelation, that so many of the happenings in food culture that i was going through in south jersey were quite comical, especially to my friends in the industry... then with the assistance of tom and his myspace invention, i found that many others found it entertaining as well. and so, it's gone on and on... consistently rated #1 in several food blog catergories over there on MYspace. all of my stories are true, dramatasized for effect, but true none-the-less, and for a little extra kick, i've also posted the 'new post ad's' for each of them when they were originally written...

i've continued my writings, just not all about food, and will share them with the world at the right time. i've always used writing as a creative release, often written in the heat of the moment, and most could be easily taken out of context. there will always be more, and more for me to share, around food or otherwise.


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