2 Oz. Of Photography

i can only guess that my love for photography has spawned from my father. i remember when my sister's and i were young, he photographed everything. and by everything, i mean EVERYTHING. bathtimes, daytrips, vacations, car trips, sleeping; yes, sleeping. that was one of his favorites that we all still joke about today. as i'm sure my sister's would agree, it was annoying at the time, but now, these years later, i am so happy that we have albums upon albums of photos to look back at. photos that capture a millisecond in time and make it last into eternity.

my personal portfolio may be quite different than my father's, as in my subjects and 'scapes, but i suppose the passion comes from him just the same. he enjoys capturing the memories, as do i, but i especially enjoy photographing strange objects in obscure places, out of their element, if you will.


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